♠ complete and easy-to-use program to manage duplicate bridge scoring!

♥ easy to create and administer games; emails are sent to all players with complete results within minutes of finishing the game!

♦ play Mitchell, Howell, and Individual movements with up to 16 tables; all you have to do is enter the bids and tricks made and the program takes care of the rest!

♣ Duplicate Scoring is web-based, but there is also a mobile app for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire users to make scoring even faster to input scores as they happen from a tablet or mobile device.

With every bit of sincerity I can muster - you have singularly saved our fledgling effort to reestablish a Duplicate Club in our little town. Lots of folks, including myself, love to play but none of us are proficient in Duplicate scoring. We would not have made it two weeks but for DuplicateScoring.com!

-Giles, Missouri